Saturday, October 30, 2010


 It took me half the day to decide whether or not to publish this entry purely for links to my previous entries for MySelangorStory. I went back and forth and finally made up my mind. While the MSS Campaign is still running until end of this month, it's probably good to have a directory for all 11 (I actually wrote that many!) articles for the MSS tour. After all, sometimes when one have to scroll to the bottom of the page to no end can result to the person skipping the whole thing altogether. I think it will be a convenience for Wanderlust Theories' readers :)

So here it is!

MSS Day 1 - Introducing the Colourful Insanities, Part 1 (read / vote)
                    - Like Qings and Kueens, Part 2 (read / vote)

MSS Day 2 - Certified Knockers, Part 1 (read / vote)
                    - Very Insane Personas (VIP), Part 2 (read / vote)

MSS Day 3 - The Root of the Matter, Part 1 (read / vote)
                    - The Light Root, Part 2 (read / vote)

MSS Day 4 - Concrete Desert (read / vote)

MSS Day 5 - The Medicalis, Part 1 (read / vote)
                    - Devil May Care, Part 2 (read / vote
                    - Guten Nacht, Part 3 (read / vote)

MSS Day 6  - The Beginning (read / vote)


  1. Ah ha , greeeeeaaaaattt blog post to end off the whole trip with easy references and I'm finalllyyyyy back :D

    Thanks for all the comments , and hope to see you soon in other international bloggers' events to come ! ;)

    Good Lucks !

  2. Sy! You actually read this! I'm amazed! Welcome back!! Although you'll be back in school soooon! Yes, I'm sure we'll bound to meet up again (and again) :) Good luck!

  3. Congrats for winning! See some pic here ->

  4. Heya! Congrats on Winning the Grand Prize for MSS.

    David @ MalaysiaAsia

  5. Hey Max! Great coverage on the finale :D

    And ALOHA David! Thank you so much for dropping by :) 'twas great to talk to you! Shall wait for more stories from ze MalaysiaAsia :)